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As a proudly local company, we know exactly how cold the winters can get. Created in Canada for Canadian weather, our outerwear collections were meticulously designed to answer your family’s needs. Find your best match from a selection of quality jackets that combine function and innovation.




Snowsports lovers, it’s time to get back on track. Surface has developed cool-looking gear that will take you to your fullest potential. 

In addition to peak insulation, its level of breathability allows excess heat and moisture to escape when you’re in action. 

So, strap on your skis or hop on your board cause we’re off powder running. 



Protected by Black Mountain, the harsh climate won’t hinder you a bit. Even in the most extreme conditions, our top-performing outerwear provides an unbreakable barrier against the elements. Whether you're moving around the city or aiming for the summit, these coats with superior warmth and waterproofing will never miss out on any adventure. 







At temperatures as low as -30°C, winter accessories will become necessities while you're out there riding or exploring snowy trails. Improve your experience in the outdoors with lined mitts, substantial base layers, and better-than-average traction boots to keep going higher in style and altitude. 


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