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Destination: Sunshine


Our swimwear collections offer everything you need to enjoy those moments in the warmth; whether you're going on an all-inclusive family vacation, a surf trip, or finally escaping to your paradise on Earth.


In-store Exclusivity

Destination is chosen, tickets are purchased. Now, it's time to figure out what to wear.



Get Your Vitamin Sea

No matter the destination, travel under the sun with peace of mind knowing your luggage's essentials will make you feel good with both style and comfort.

Seaside Chic

Combining elegance and femininity, our swimsuits offer flattering and modern cuts.



Catching Up Under the Sun

Leave the daily stress behind and get together for unforgettable family moments. The Tag swimwear collection will follow you on all your adventures under the sun.

Happy & Colorful

Discover our swimsuits with prints as joyful as your vacation memories.



Heat Waves

When heat called, you answered, and now it's time to dominate the waves.
The Surface swimwear collection will definitely help you take on that challenge!

Bold & Ready

With these durable and ultra comfortable swimsuits, nothing can stop you.



Try Them All On

Our swimsuits are only available in stores.
That's good because with so much to choose from, you'll want to try them all on to find exactly what you need.


* A UV protection coating is applied on selected styles for babies to teens only. Don't forget your sunscreen and enjoy the sun safely!


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