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    by Maude Goyer, a.k.a. Maman 24/7

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Sets and all-in-ones



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We know : it's hard to resist these adorable miniature garments. Our baby clothes are sure to make you smile, with their bright colours and fun prints. And what's more, all of our baby items are designed with one goal in mind: to make life easier for parents. Like pyjamas with snaps, so you can get them on and off quickly; or grow-with-me pants that adapt to fit as your child grows. Our wide variety of baby items ranges from T-shirts to snowsuits to pyjamas. You'll find spring coats, fall coats, winter coats, snow pants, tuques, neck warmers, and dozens and dozens of mittens. We also have a huge selection of dresses for baby girls, and a wide variety of comfortable jeans. Several styles are also available in premie, 2T, and 3T sizes.