Back-To-School Must Haves!

By Jean Airoldi, designer and stylist


Let’s be real – it’s hard to think about what we’re going to wear this fall with the beautiful, hot weather we had this summer. But our ever-growing kids are going back to school, and their wardrobe needs a refresher! Take an early start and start shopping now - you’ll have more styles and sizes to choose from, and you’ll find special, unique pieces that your kids will love.

This fall, our picks for children’s fashion are inspired by adults’ ready-to-wear trends, but include more fun details. We’re not forcing them to follow any trends – we’re providing them with cool clothes that they can mix and match to create their own fun, unique style.

5 must haves

Here are five trends to look for!


Slogan tees

A classic! Kids love picking out shirts with funny or inspirational quotes.



The « it » print of the year – and all sizes are allowed! Houndstooth, Glen plaid, big bold prints reminiscent of lumberjack… Everything plaid is rad, for boys and girls alike.



These are a must-have for girls, both because they’re comfortable and versatile. They’re available in a wide variety of patterns and colours, allowing kids to create a bunch of different pairings. Leggings can be worn at school, during the weekend or for your kids’ favourite games and activities. Leggings also pair perfectly with a dress or a skirt and are great for keeping legs warm as the days get colder.


The Hoodie

The hoodie is at its peak popularity right now, probably because of hip hop music’s current chart dominance. It can be a wardrobe staple, especially if you go with a neutral palette, but if you want to make a splash, wear a brightly-coloured hoodie! Bonus: since the hoodie is usually worn a size up for a baggier look, your kids won’t outgrow it anytime soon. They’ll be able to wear it for more than a season!


Bright Colours

For both kids and adults, bright red is all the rage, as are mustard yellow and all shades of pink – that goes for both boys and girls, by the way. Black, grey and khaki are also key colours for your wardrobe’s basic pieces, since they all pair well with bright, bold shades.


Have fun shopping... and see you in school!


Stylist Jean Airoldi has been renowned for over 30 years in the Quebec fashion industry. He has dressed many stars over the years and his talent as a designer in women's fashion earned him three Griffes d’Or.

Excellent communicator, he knows how to pass on his knowledge on television as well as on the radio and in various newspapers and magazines. Who has never seen one of his fashion chronicles on Salut, Bonjour!, his numerous shows on Canal Vie and read his articles in the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec!

Since Fall 2013, his clothes for women and children Airoldi Collection are available under the Airoldi Collection at Aubainerie and are a great success!