Decorate with plants
by Julie Lapointe, home decor stylist 


Once spring has sprung, all of us want a bit of warmth – and some greenery! While you wait for nature to hit its seasonal peak, why not get a head start and add plants to your indoor décor?


Plants are amazing decorative accessories. The possibilities are endless! Depending on the space that’s available, you can pick a big tropical plant, a suspended perennial or some decorative succulents. Regardless of their size, they’re sure to add some life and brightness to a room. Plus, they can even improve air quality – one less thing to worry about during your hectic days!


Be warned, however: decorating with plants doesn’t mean you can randomly place plants all around the house. It’s better to create an original setup that will also be practical and serve as an all-natural screen, if you will. With suspended plants and pedestals, it’s easy to divide a large room without closing the space entirely. Plants can also be laid out on a window sill to create a semblance of intimacy without needing to close the curtains.

plantes décoratives

One of the biggest trends in plant-centric design is to replace frames or pictures by a green wall. Usually comprised of artificial plants to facilitate maintenance, this wall instantly creates a focal point in a room.


Any potted plant (even an artificial one!) can liven up an empty space and add some colour and texture to a décor. These plants can be placed in a bookshelf, arranged as a dining room centerpiece or on the living room’s coffee table, or just be included in a decorative ornament set. Add some originality to the mix by placing your greens in planters of various colours. This is the perfect opportunity to give a second life to a container that could easily hold a small perennial, like an old lantern or candle holder. Time to show your creativity!


If your thumb isn’t particularly green, take your pick among the many plants that don’t require a lot of upkeep, like the common ivy, which only needs a bit of sunlight, or one of our favourites, the aloe vera. Not only does this plant have curative properties, it is also very robust and enduring. Another option is to go for artificial plants, which are constantly getting better and now perfectly replicate their “real” counterparts. If you want to make your décor even more realistic, combine real and artificial plants!


- Julie

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julie lapointe stylistJulie Lapointe, stylist

As a multidisciplinary stylist, Julie Lapointe knows how to share her creativity and create unique decorative arrangements that will easily fit into your daily life.

In the past 10 years, she collaborated with various media and is now a monthly columnist/designer for the magazines Coup de Pouce and Les idées de ma maison in which she creates stylish home decors, as well as in the Journal de Montréal in which she writes as a shopping expert.

Always on the lookout for new trends, she evolves in this unique world of design with great style and elegance.