by Nathalie Roberge @danslacabine

It’s official: I’ve become obsessed with mother-daughter and mother-son looks! What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to wear matching outfits with the two people I love the most?

The only challenge was to find a theme that would allow me to create fun looks for both my daughter AND my son, which limited my colour and pattern choices. I finally went with a vertical white and navy stripe pattern that we’re all wearing in slightly different ways in the pictures below.

Before I show you our looks, I want to thank my husband, who took all of these pictures (he makes a great Insta-husband!) and my kids, who’ve been willing participants in all of my photoshoots in exchange for a few snacks. It’s a process that involves a lot of teamwork (and a lot of wacky pics.)

Let’s kick things off by introducing the look worn by the queen of the day, me (ha!).

There were a lot of vertically-striped pieces to choose from, but it’s this gorgeous shirt-dress from Vero Moda’s One Fashion line that caught the eye of Olivier and my husband. It’s a simple, light garment, and the tied belt really that accentuates my waist.

Look rayé - maman

Mommy’s striped look: One Fashion dress, $26.98; Round handbag, $24.98; Shoes, $14.98

Esther’s little shirt dress might be my favourite piece from our family look. I made her wear long leggings so she wouldn’t be cold, but I’m excited to replace them by little athletic shorts or jorts in the next few weeks.

Look fillette

Esther’s striped look; Dress shirt, $16.98; Leggings, $6.98 (2 for $12); Sandals, $12.98 (2 for $25)

Oh, and I finally got Oliver to wear the infamous striped shirt that I had chosen for his Easter look, back in April.
PS I am definitely going to stock up on these 2-for-$14 shorts for the summer.

Look garçon

Oliver’s striped look: shirt, $16.98; Shorts, $7.98 (or 2 for $14); Shoes, $14.98 (or 2 for $25)



I’m currently trying to convince my husband to play along and do a father-son look for Father’s Day so I can be the photographer for once. J Will it work? We’ll see in June.

Happy Mother’s Day!

- Nathalie

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