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Q: How do I create an account on


Simply click on the [Sign in] icon at the top right of the screen and follow the instructions. It’s quick and easy!



Q: What are the benefits of creating an account?


An account will allow you to:

  • follow up on your order;
  • manage your address book;
  • save your billing and shipping preferences.

Your account will then allow you to buy more easily and quickly. Your profile, contact information, and purchase history will be saved, and you will be able to get real-time information on your order status.





Q: Can I create an account for someone else or ask someone to create an account for me?


For security reasons, this is not recommended. The information saved in the account is safe, but sharing it with someone else might present a risk.



Q: Is it mandatory to have an account to order online?


It is not mandatory to have an account to place an order. We do recommend it however, so that your information is saved and to allow you to track and view your order history.