For the love of cats and dogs

By Julie Lapointe, stylist


Pets are valued members of many households. They’re just as much a part of the family as any human – they share your space and enhance your daily life. Some people love cats, others prefer dogs, and some love both species equally. No matter which team you’re on, show your allegiance proudly in every room of the house!

coussin, cadre et napperon 

There’s a wide variety of animal-themed home accessories available in many styles. Display your love of your four-legged friends with framed artwork featuring quirky musings. If you prefer a more elegant look, there are many simple and sophisticated posters that can highlight your love of these heartwarming little creatures.


If your decorating style is more subdued, a simple cushion will do the trick. This accessory is offered in a variety of shapes, all of which will complement your décor with their image of a gorgeous grey cat and an adorable sleeping dog. My personal favourite is the reversible Dalmatian model, which shows the animal from the front and the back. Of course, a feline version is also available for cat lovers!

Bol et tasse 

You can also invite your pet at the dinner table – not to indulge in the meal, but rather to decorate your placemats and other accessories. You’ll have no trouble finding dishes, salt and pepper shakers and napkins featuring these furry creatures. And while you enjoy your animal-themed meal, serve your pets’ food in carefully selected dishes. Forget about plastic bowls and get them a gorgeous ceramic dish with a printed quote about happy cats and dogs.


Why not show your love of cats and dogs at the office? A fun coffee mug is the perfect accessory to get you through your daily tasks. Plus, it is the perfect gift for a fellow animal-loving coworker.


Whether they’re big or small, pets are a source of joy and fun for the whole family. If you can’t adopt one, the least you can do is include them in your décor!

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julie lapointe stylistJulie Lapointe, stylist

As a multidisciplinary stylist, Julie Lapointe knows how to share her creativity and create unique decorative arrangements that will easily fit into your daily life.

In the past 10 years, she collaborated with various media and is now a monthly columnist/designer for the magazines Coup de Pouce and Les idées de ma maison in which she creates stylish home decors, as well as in the Journal de Montréal in which she writes as a shopping expert.

Always on the lookout for new trends, she evolves in this unique world of design with great style and elegance.