The Best Outfits for your Office Party! 

by Jean Airoldi, designer and stylist


Christmas Dress

If your office party is coming soon and you still don’t know what to wear, don’t worry!
I have a few tips to avoid any missteps during your annual party with your coworkers.

First, find out what the party’s theme and venue are – they’ll give you a few pointers as to what type of clothing to wear. After all, you wouldn’t wear the same outfit to a cottage or rustic inn as you would to a fancy restaurant or hotel.


Be Bold... ish

Don’t wear the same outfit you would wear on a regular day at the office. You have to add a festive touch to your look - without giving the Christmas decorations a run for their money, of course. In other words: be bold… but not TOO bold. For example, if you whip out some sequins, pair them with a classic blazer or a simple black turtleneck. Velvet is a great fabric to showcase both elegance and class. As for hair and makeup, go a little further than you usually do, without pushing it to the extreme. After all, you want your coworkers to recognize you! And finally, when it comes to accessories, focus on one signature piece, like a ring, a maxi bracelet, a handbag or a unique pair of shoes.


Modesty is key

This is not the time to wear your lowest-cut top or ripped jeans. Same goes for sheer fabrics – they’re super in right now, but they’re best kept for nights out with your girlfriends. At an office party, there is (usually) an unspoken dress code that suggests you wear a classy outfit – in other words, a professional-looking ensemble. If you’re wearing a dress, make sure it’s not too short. Go for a cocktail-style dress you could wear for a happy hour or for New Years’. The one-piece is also a great choice you can easily accessorise to fit the theme of the evening. If you’re not into dresses, there’s no need to force yourself to wear one – you’ll just look uncomfortable. I suggest wearing a two-piece suit instead, but choose a bright or sparkly design.


The Little Black Dress

This year, colourful dresses are a dime a dozen, but if you can’t find anything you like or you’re stuck shopping at the last minute, a little black dress could be a lifesaver! Add a touch of fantasy to your look by throwing on faux-fur or layering the dress over a sparkly top. You could also make it look more festive with a few stylish accessories, a classy heel and a unique handbag.   


Most of all, have fun!


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Stylist Jean Airoldi has been renowned for over 30 years in the Quebec fashion industry. He has dressed many stars over the years and his talent as a designer in women's fashion earned him three Griffes d’Or.

Excellent communicator, he knows how to pass on his knowledge on television as well as on the radio and in various newspapers and magazines. Who has never seen one of his fashion chronicles on Salut, Bonjour!, his numerous shows on Canal Vie and read his articles in the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec!

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