Perfect Prints

By Jean Airoldi, Designer & Stylist


Rejoice, fashion lovers – even though it’s freezing cold outside, Spring 2019 collections are making their grand entrance into stores as we speak. One of the season’s most noticeable trends is prints. Of course, you’ve got your florals, which pop up every year to make us yearn for the warmer days ahead, but don’t forget animal prints, which are all the rage this year, and the comeback of retro prints.


Flower power

Spring has sprung… literally! Flowers come in every shape and form this season. You can find them on dresses, long skirts and shirts alike. As the most feminine print, it will add a touch of romance to all of your outfits.



Leopard print was already in style this winter, but it has now hit its peak! You can now wear it for any occasion. Thankfully, it pairs just as well with a casual denim as it does with a more sophisticated ensemble. And speaking of the animal kingdom, this season’s pieces are full of zebra, snakeskin and crocodile print, most noticeably on boots and purses.


V for Vichy

The Vichy plaid, as worn by the legendary Brigitte Bardot, is making a comeback. Pair it with stripped down fabrics, such as denim, to add an edge to their innocent vibe. Vichy also pairs perfectly for graphic tees.


Tie & Dye

The iconic multicoloured print that was a staple back in hippie times is back! It’s sure to be a hit with younger kids. Tie-dye can be hard to wear and pair with other items, so we recommend wearing them with solid colour pieces in a simple cut.


All dotted up

You’ll be thrilled to know that polka dots are back in style this spring. This print is perfect for anyone from the ages of 7 to 77 and can lighten up any outfit. Whether they come in bold colours or in black and white, large dots are pop-inspired, while small dots give off a classic vibe.


Cherry bomb

We love a nice cherry print! Funky and decadent, cherries will cheer up any outfit. Plus, their red hue will make every piece of clothing pop. Obviously, it’s best to pair this print with more subdued pieces or simple white shoes for a young, fresh look.



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Stylist Jean Airoldi has been renowned for over 30 years in the Quebec fashion industry. He has dressed many stars over the years and his talent as a designer in women's fashion earned him three Griffes d’Or.

Excellent communicator, he knows how to pass on his knowledge on television as well as on the radio and in various newspapers and magazines. Who has never seen one of his fashion chronicles on Salut, Bonjour!, his numerous shows on Canal Vie and read his articles in the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec!

Since Fall 2013, his clothes for women and children Airoldi Collection are available under the Airoldi Collection at Aubainerie and are a great success!