Sizing chart


This table indicates the precise measurements of the clothing size. You can change the units of measurement by clicking the buttons in the upper right corner of the table.

Men's clothing

Units of measurement:
Chest Circumference Chest Circumference 351/2 90.5 401/2 103 431/2 110.5 461/2 118.5 491/2 126
Waist Circumference Waist Circumference 31 79 33 84 36 91.5 39 99.5 42 107
Hip Circumference Hip Circumference 37 94 39 99.5 42 107 45 114.5 48 122

Taking measurements

  • 1Chest:

    Place the tape measure under the arms and around the shoulder blades. Measure the largest circumference at chest level. Make sure the tape is flat and horizontal on your chest.

  • 2Waist:

    Place the tape measure at the narrowest circumference between the hips and chest. Make sure the tape is neither too loose nor too tight.

  • 3Hips:

    Stand with feet together and measure around the widest part of the hips. Make sure that the tape is level horizontally.

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