Sparkles for Christmas!

by Jean Airoldi, designer and stylist


Sparkly Christmas clothing

Christmas has always been a magical holiday that is near and dear to my heart. When I was growing up, Christmas was THE time for my family and I to put on our best outfits, all designed and sewn by my mother, of course. We really enjoyed dressing up – it was part of our family traditions. The tradition lives on to this day, as I’ve passed it along to my two daughters, who love dressing up for the holidays.


Nowadays, having a sense of style is about so much more than our budget. All we need is a bit of creativity to make our style a bit more festive. We can start off with a solid-colour piece as a blank canvas and accessorize it to create a wide variety of looks. All that’s missing is a signature piece of jewelry, a bright-coloured shoe or a sparkly nighttime clutch, and voilà! The outfit is complete. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to push our style limits and try out new trends out for size.


Maybe you’ve been told not to outshine the Christmas tree, but this year, we’re changing the game - sparkly, shiny fabrics are all the rage! Outfits should be bright and scintillating, with an abundance of glitter, lamé materials and sparkly sweaters. These seductive ensembles will look just the ones celebrities pull out for the red carpet. Long silk, velvet or lace dresses, faux-fur vests and shawls, one-piece jumpers and dresses adorned with sparkles… Finish off your holiday look with an intense, dramatic make up look, an original manicure or a radically new hairdo. Go all out! After all, Christmas only happens once a year.


Finally, don’t forget that after a long night, nothing is more comforting than putting on cute Christmas-themed pyjamas. You can also give them as a gift to anybody on your list! Every year, my grandmother would make pyjamas for every single family member with the same flannel fabric…. Oh, how I miss those days.

This holiday season, shine bright and enjoy the company of those you love this Christmas.

Happy holidays!


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Stylist Jean Airoldi has been renowned for over 30 years in the Quebec fashion industry. He has dressed many stars over the years and his talent as a designer in women's fashion earned him three Griffes d’Or.

Excellent communicator, he knows how to pass on his knowledge on television as well as on the radio and in various newspapers and magazines. Who has never seen one of his fashion chronicles on Salut, Bonjour!, his numerous shows on Canal Vie and read his articles in the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec!

Since Fall 2013, his clothes for women and children Airoldi Collection are available under the Airoldi Collection at Aubainerie and are a great success!