Sweet dreams!

Sweet dreams

sleeping child


When we were kids, during the holidays we would fall asleep nestled in the coats our relatives had left on the bed. Meanwhile, our parents would be busy playing cards late into the night.

As teenagers, sleeping was the last thing we wanted to do. We insisted on staying up, just like the adults. Even if we couldn’t keeps our eyes open, going to bed was not an option!

Then, as we got older and became parents ourselves, sleeping became precious. Maybe we just don’t get enough of it? It is now a luxury, a safe haven, one of life’s little joys. Sleeping in? Now that’s an idea of a vacation!

And now, on nights where we celebrate, it’s our turn to pick up the kids as they sleep in a sea of coats… What a great tradition!


From our family to yours: Happy Holidays!


- Maude Goyer, a.k.a. Maman 24/7



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Journalist Maude Goyer has always been interested by the various matters surrounding family and motherhood. Freelancer for many magazines (Coup de Pouce, Vero, Planet F, Chatelaine, Enfants Quebec, etc.), radio and tv shows, she has her own blog, Maman 24/7 for which the Facebook page reaches a committed community. She is also - and above all! – the mom of two children aged 8 and 11 years old.