Twill pants

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Do you hear the bell rings? It is because Back to School Season is already ON! And the time has come for you, parents, to restock your children’s Uniform. Your little guy will melt your heart with his new School clothes. Let’s begin your shopping by these Twill Pants, in black or navy, colors required in most of schools. Made of 2% spandex 98% cotton, these pants are long-lasting ones, for everyday and intensive use – from the playgrounds to the desk. Twill is a popular choice among parents, because it is resistant and easy-cared material. Spandex, for its part, is a stretchable fabric that is also strong. Keep shopping for your child by exploring the T-shirt and Polo Vest collection for boys from 3 to 8 years old.
Twill pants
Twill pants
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