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Vacation memories

by Julie Lapointe, stylist

We’re having a wonderful summer. With this beautiful weather, the fun activities are aplenty and the family fun simply doesn’t stop. It’s important to make the most of these beautiful moments! Here are a few ideas to turn them into unforgettable memories.

Vacation memoriesTo have something to remember this fun summer by, why not get your family together and create a souvenir box? (1) Bring together a bunch of memorable photos and objects found during your summer adventures or along your hikes. A handful of sand from your favourite beach, a (quasi) precious gem that your youngest picked up, the wrapper from an amazing pastry you picked up at a delicious bakery… anything that reminds you of your summer’s amazing moments can go in the box!

Planning a vacation is fun, but it’s also very demanding. You deserve a break! Even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you can still set up a peaceful, relaxing space that will allow to indulge in a bit of R&R. Whether you’re looking for a few minutes or hours of downtime, make sure you unwind in a place where you feel comfortable. Pick key pieces that inspire calm and peace within you. For example, you can display either a Buddha statue (2), an Indian elephant (3) or even an oversized dreamcatcher (4). Add a touch of light and comfort with floor cushions, knit duvets and gorgeous ambient lighting.

Vacation memories: Home & Decor items sold at Aubainerie It’s important to remember that happiness is a daily journey, and that the return of fall’s routines and jam-packed schedules doesn’t mean the fun moments will end. As a reminder, set up a souvenir wall with frames and assorted posters. These walls, mixing family photos, children’s drawings and inspirational posters, are all the rage right now. This setup will provide you with knowing smiles and dream-inducing scenery that will bring you joy you all year long, not just in the summer! Complete your arrangement with frames that inspire and speak to you.

Another fun object to keep on hand is a Happinness jar (Pot de bonheur) (6), a small can filled with 365 positive thoughts and affirmations that will inspire you in your day to day life. You’ll find such gems as Wladimir Wilf-Gozin’s “No matter where you go, let your heart lead the way” and “Your positive attitude will attract positive circumstances.”* Draw one at random every day – and hey, why not make it a family activity? Everyone can gather around the jar and discuss the daily quote, how it inspires them, and how to put it in practice in their daily lives. What a great way to add a bit of positivity to your daily routine!

Not matter how you choose to keep your memories, the end of summer is the perfect time to meet up with your family and discuss your favourite activities and reminisce about the hilarious moments and fun anecdotes that made this summer a great one!

julie lapointe stylistJulie Lapointe, stylist

As a multidisciplinary stylist, Julie Lapointe knows how to share her creativity and create unique decorative arrangements that will easily fit into your daily life.

In the past 10 years, she collaborated with various media and is now a monthly columnist/designer for the magazines Coup de Pouce and Les idées de ma maison in which she creates stylish home decors, as well as in the Journal de Montréal in which she writes as a shopping expert.

Always on the lookout for new trends, she evolves in this unique world of design with great style and elegance.