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Ari & Clo - Une exclusivité Aubainerie


    Ari&Clo, a new clothing line exclusive to Aubainerie, is all about highlighting the beauty and personality of the women wearing it.

    Specially designed for women between sizes 14 and 24, Ari&Clo is a unique line that provides clothes for every occasion at an unbeatable value. And unlike other plus-size clothing currently available at Aubainerie, Ari&Clo’s measurements have been reviewed to better suit women’s lifestyles and fit a variety of silhouettes between the sizes 14 and 24. This line has everything – classic styles, modern looks, 9-to-5 attire, outfits for a girls’ night out, cozy weekend clothing… and that’s on top of a full selection of basics like shirts, tank tops, jeans and pants in different cuts. Air&Clo gives affordable and accessible plus-size fashion a breath of fresh air.

    Ari&Clo : Authenticity and quality you can trust; a source of inspiration and trust.

  • Nouvelle Collection Ari & Clo
  • Ari & Clo - Le comité consultatif

    You can’t just launch a new collection overnight.

    We made it possible thanks to a team led by a buyer who has more than 20 years of experience in sizes 14-24 fashion, as well as a team of plus size production and fitting specialists.

    Aubainerie created a consulting committee made up of women from different backgrounds related to fashion, body image and self esteem to better understand the market and its demographic. Selection, styles, cuts, prices, shopping experience, online shopping, brand messaging, silhouettes, beauty standards, fatphobia, advertising… No topic was off limits, and no question remained unanswered.

    With their help, their advice, experience and market knowledge, the Ari&Clo brand was born.

Here are the passionate, authentic, inspiring and invaluable women who helped us launch Ari&Clo :

Ari & Clo - Julie Artacho member of the consulting committee

Julie Artacho

Photographer whose work promotes body diversity.


Ari & Clo - Jessica Prudencio member of the consulting committee

Jessica Prudencio

Lifestyle blogger who’s all about food, self-acceptance, fashion, beauty, traveling and fun discoveries.


Ari & Clo - Chrystine and Vanessa of 2 filles ordinaires youtube channel, members of the consulting committee

Chrystine and Vanessa of 2 filles ordinaires

Two Quebec-based YouTubers whose topics of discussion include beauty, lifestyle and comedy.

Chrystine & Vanessa's Youtube Channel


Catherine Caisse

Communications Conselor, ÉquiLibre

Since 2011, EquiLibre has been reaching out to major players in image-based industries (such as fashion, media and advertising) to help them understand their social responsibility regarding the representation of healthy and diverse bodies.


Josée Guérin, Psychotherapist

Dt. P, B. S. Nutrition, Psychotherapist.

President of the Psychoalimentaire clinic

About Josée Guérin


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