Silhouette Guide | Women +

Ari&Clo - HOURGLASS Silhouette

HOURGLASS Silhouette

Highlight those curves!

There’s a 9” to 11” difference between the waist measurement and the hip measurement.

She can pull off any trend or style she loves – she has a gorgeous silhouette with a well-defined waist.

Our suggestions:

  • Tops or dresses that highlight her small waist, like a wrap dress or cinched tops.
  • High-waisted pants paired with shorter/cropped tops.
  • Slimmer-cut styles, such as our BASIC T-shirt, with form-fitting trousers like our MODERN SKINNY pants, or a looser, more ample style like our ATHLETIC pants, to add height to the silhouette.

Ari&Clo - The RECTANGLE Silhouette

The RECTANGLE Silhouette

Beautifully willowy!

Very little definition between the chest and the hips; no defined waist; long, thin legs.

The difference between the waist measurement and the hip measurement is of 6 inches or less.

Our suggestions:

  • Flowy tops or tunics that complement the figure.
  • Drawing attention to her neckline and shoulders with V-neck tops, detailed collars, and open shouldered tops.
  • Straight-legged pants or skinny pants to balance out her figure.

Ari&Clo - The TRIANGLE Silhouette

The TRIANGLE Silhouette

So voluptuous!

This silhouette has the biggest difference between waist and hip measurements, with more delicate, smaller shoulders.

The difference between the waist measurement and the hip measurement is of 12 inches or greater.

Our suggestions:

  • Straight-legged pants and calf-length skirts to elongate the silhouette.
  • Jeans or pants with Lycra/Elasthane for comfort and to complement her curves.
  • The AUTHENTIC CURVY jean to highlight her small waist.
  • A-line tops, blouses that flare at the hips, or tunics with slits on the sides, for easy movement.
  • Tops with detailed busts or shoulders to balance out this silhouette’s heavier bottom.